On-shore Fun

Pretty much anything that was forbidden or outlawed took place on Katendrecht. From gambling and smuggling to opium use and a visit to the ladies of leisure.

It’s no surprise that this was the sailors’ favourite neighbourhood for on-shore fun. Nowadays, this is one of the hippest locations in town.

“Discover the infamous history of Katendrecht with a walk that starts at Hotel New York and ends at SS Rotterdam at De Kaap.”

To discover the infamous history of ‘De Kaap’, Hotel New York and SS Rotterdam developed a walking route. This route takes you by the most interesting locations, such as the Deliplein that once had more than 60 port pubs. Also stop at the bronze ‘Ketelbinkie’; this statue is a tribute to the former jack-of-all-trades on the ship. The end of the route is SS Rotterdam, the cruise ship that sailed between Rotterdam and Manhattan in the ‘60s. This ship is now the crowning jewel in the port of Katendrecht.

Hey, did you know?

During World War II, Katendrecht was a safe address for hiders, because it was forbidden to German soldiers due to all the ‘temptations’. Therefore, in Palace Belvédère jazz music was played that wasn’t allowed by the Germans. Nowadays, it’s a meeting place where the stories of Rotterdam citizens are central.

ss Rotterdam