Vaudeville variety

For a great night out, come to Katen­drecht, the district sailors used to come to looking for a good time when they were on shore leave.

Before you hit the bars, a nice place to start the evening is Theater Walhalla on Deliplein.

As there are only 80 seats, Walhalla offers a real old-fashion theatre experience.

The little Theater Walhalla presents around 275 performances each year. The programme ranges from cabaret, music, plays and youth performances to chat shows. As there are only 80 seats upholstered in bright red velvet, you get a real old-fashioned theatre experience. Walhalla is named after Dancing Walhalla, an illustrious dance hall that was located at the same address. Before the war, dancers tripped across its floor to the sounds of the barrel organ.

Hey, did you know?

There is another branch of Walhalla opposite: Kantine Walhalla with its 150-seat auditorium. This theatre has a foyer bar too.

  Theater Walhalla
Address: Sumatraweg 9-11, Rotterdam

Theater Walhalla