Travel through time

If you want to learn about history, you could always get a book, but it’s so much more fun when history comes to life, isn’t it? In the Dutch Open Air Museum, authentic buildings, objects and stories allow you to travel through time from two centuries ago to the present day. 

“In the Dutch Open Air Museum you journey through the living history of the Netherlands.”

Who was Charlemagne? What was the Children’s Act of Van Houten all about? As you wander through the museum park, Dutch history comes to life in the historic buildings and the open air. You’ll meet friendly museum farmers’ wives and other ‘ordinary’ Dutch people from various eras, who will tell you about their lives and work. If you want, you can even roll up your sleeves to help. Be sure to ride on the historic tram to experience the old days.

Hey, did you know?

The Canon of Dutch History is a presentation of fifty historic events, people, texts, works of art and objects that feature in the history of the country. The Dutch Open Air Museum opened the Canon in September 2017.

  Dutch Open Air Museum
Address: Hoeferlaan 4, Arnhem

Dutch Open Air Museum