Travel back in time

One thing that won’t escape your notice as you walk through the city centre is the Rutte & Zn. Distillery, a family-run business that has been producing juniper-based spirits for 150 years. You can book a guided tour or attend a workshop in the first-floor tasting room. 

“When you set foot in Rutte & Zn. Distillery, it feels as though you have gone back in time.”

It’s amazing what a family business can excel at. In the case of the Rutte family, it was distilling jenevers, gins, liqueurs and whisky-like spirits. It was in 1872 that Simon Rutte and his wife opened their distillery. The store’s interior still exudes history with its Dutch Renaissance-style carvings, and the distillery itself is still in original condition. On the first floor, we find the Tasting Room where you can attend workshops and, of course, you can taste the spirits. 

Nice to know!

Rutte spirits have won numerous awards. In 2016, for example, their Dry Gin and Celery Dry Gin were crowned best gins in the world at the annual Wine & Spirits Wholesalers of America convention.

  Distilleerderij Rutte & Zn.
Address: Vriesestraat 130, Dordrecht  
Open: see website

Distilleerderij Rutte & Zn.