Traditional tonic

Weduwe Joustra is housed in one of Sneek’s oldest buildings. Since 1864, the family company has been making Beerenburg, a mixture of spices added to Dutch gin and left to steep for a month.

Step inside to taste Widow Joustra’s Beeren­burg or go on a guided tour of the distillery. Tsjoch! (Cheers!)

Taste the nostalgic atmosphere and Beerenburg in Widow Joustra’s store and tasting room.

The story of Widow Joustra starts in 1864 when Anjenette Joustra began making Beerenburg after her husband’s death. She used a mixture of spices and a recipe handed down by Hendrik Beerenburg, who used to be a spice wholesaler in the 17th century. She let the spices soak in Dutch gin for four weeks.

The result was Weduwe Joustra Beerenburg, which is now a popular drink among Frisians. The shop in which you can buy Beerenburg still has the nostalgic atmosphere of yesteryear.

Hey, did you know?

In Widow Joustra’s shop you can marvel at the original drink organ. This is a stand with barrels that in the past were filled with spirits. People would bring empty bottles to the shop to have them refilled at the drink organ.

  Weduwe Joustra
Address: Kleinzand 32, Sneek

Weduwe Joustra