Touring with the Beach Bus

Did you know that Terschelling has one of the widest beaches in Europe?

Racing across the beach with the Beach Bus is certainly a cool experience. The end point is the famous Drenkelingenhuisje that saved many a castaway.

Drive across the widest beach in Europe at full speed with the Beach Bus.

From parking lot Paal 8/West aan Zee, the Beach Bus drives across the sand to European Nature Reserve De Boschplaat: a beautiful nature area with salt marshes, forest and beach where thousands of birds come to nest each year. The Drenkelingenhuisje can be found between Paal 23 and 24. This was once a safe haven for victims of shipwrecks who had managed to escape the surf. Along the way, the driver will tell you more about this remote house, the special nature reserve and life on the island.

Hey, did you know?

From Heartbreak Hotel, the ‘last’ beach pavilion, it’s a seven-kilometre walk to the Drenkelingenhuisje.

  Strandbus Terschelling
Address: Badweg west 7, West-Terschelling
Starts from: Beach pavilion West aan Zee

Badweg west 7