Toasting in the Tapijnkazerne

What are we going to do? How about drinks at Tapijn! This cosy brasserie is situated in the former Tapijnkazerne, which was filled with soldiers until a few years ago. Nowadays, it’s been transformed into a nice spot where young and old can come by for coffee, lunch and dinner.

“Grab a bite to eat in the former military canteen where the soldiers used to have lunch.”

The grounds of the former Tapijnkazerne house the Maastricht city park, on the edge of the centre. Large tables and lounges make up the area from the former military canteen where the soldiers used to eat. What’s particularly pleasant about Tapijn: it doesn’t matter what time of the day you drop in, because there’s always something good on the menu. From a ‘commander in cheese salad’ to a ‘sergeant’s steak’. There are also regular music performances.

Nice to know!

The military grounds of the Tapijnkazerne have been made accessible to the public since 2014. Before that time, the area was fenced off by a large fence and access was forbidden. In October 2010, the last NATO soldiers left the barracks.

Address: Tapijnkazerne 20, Maastricht
Open: see website