Tasty Food from the Roof Farm

The word ‘farm’ doesn’t immediately conjure up an image of an office building. Yet, this form of agriculture is on the rise. A great example is UrbanFarmers, a city farm in the former Philips building De Schilde, where fresh fish is cultivated on the sixth floor and vegetables are grown on the roof.

“Bring your grocery bag and score fresh fish and vegetables at Europe’s largest urban rooftop farm.”

There’s one thing that’s absolutely free of doubt: the origin. Because everything that’s for sale at city farm UF002 De Schilde is grown or cultivated right there. During a tour, you can learn all about Europe’s biggest urban rooftop farm, but you can also shop in the Dak Markt for the freshest yields of the roof farmers. On Saturday, other Hague businesses can also be found at this market and the first Friday of the month is the Rooftop Music Night. With a fantastic view of the Hague skyline!

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At UrbanFarmers, the food is grown sustainably, with a system called aquaponics. In doing so, they save no less than 90% of the water consumption. Nutrients that are released in the fish production are reused for the vegetable growth and the plants purify the water in which the fish is cultivated.

  Urban Farmers
Address: Televisiestraat 2U, Den Haag    
Open: see website
Online: www.thenewfarm.nl/