Tap your own Beer

If you were living in Arnhem, chances are ‘t Taphuys would be the spot where you’d start your weekends.

Because there’s nothing better than tapping your own beer from the unique tap wall! What’s more, you can choose from about one hundred different types, which makes this extra special.

At ’t Taphuys, you can tap your own beer from the tap wall with one hundred different kinds of beer and pay per centilitre.

‘t Taphuys’ neo-Gothic building used to be a post office. Since 2017, you won’t find any mailboxes here, but rather unique tap walls where you can tap one hundred different types of beers your­self. From blond to triple ale and stout. How does it work? You can tap your own beer (or wine) at the tap wall and pay per centilitre. This means you can also just taste a little. Subsequently, you can sit down at one of the large tables and order a snack to go with your drink.

Hey, did you know?

Amber ale is the name for beers with high fermentation. Yet, the name ‘amber’ doesn’t refer to the type of beer, but to its colour.

  ´t Taphuys
Address: Jansplein 56, Arnhem
Online: taphuysarnhem.nl

'T Taphuys