Table top beer taps

A veritable tourist magnet in Utrecht’s centre are the wharf cellars along the canals.

Once used as storage and loading bays, they now house restaurants, bars, stores and studios. Why not pop into an old wharf cellar for a beer?

“Walk down onto the wharf and visit the tastefully designed Beers & Barrels cellar.”

The northern part of the Oudegracht in particular is home to many businesses located in the wharf cellars. One such establishment is Beer & Barrels, which as the name suggests is a nice place to have a beer. Their concept is original: you sit at a high table fitted with a beer tap and at the end of the evening you pay for the beer consumed. While you’re there, you can also order food such as half a chicken and fries or an impressive badass lobster.

Hey, did you know?

Utrecht’s Oudegracht and its wharfs are unique in the world. The canal was constructed in 1122 as a shipping route linking the Utrechtse Vecht and the Vaartse Rijn. While it was being dug the earth was thrown onto the banks, which is why the street is so much higher than the canal.

  Beers & Barrels​
Address: Oudegracht aan de werf 125, Utrecht