Surfers’ beach bar

Timboektoe isn’t only the Dutch name for the capital of Mali; it’s also the name of one of the best beach bars on the Dutch coast. As for the view, well obviously you get sea, sand and dunes but there’s also the North Sea Canal and the chimneys of the IJmuiden steel plants.

“Timboektoe is a fantastic seaside places to hang out; close to the best surf spots in the Netherlands.”

Timboektoe is often mentioned in the ‘lists of best beach bars’. There’s a good reason for that. It’s located on one of the best surfing beaches in the Netherlands. You can go there 365 days a year, whatever the weather and you’ll see more than sea and beach because one side of the beach pavilion is right next to the North Sea Canal. The reason to come here though is the relaxed atmosphere, largely created by all the surfers. It’s a great place to hang out.

Nice to know

In 2017, Timboektoe was refurbished with an eye towards sustainability. Solar panels were installed on the roof and wherever possible the dishes on the menu are made from locally sourced ingredients. Consequently, the beach pavilion was awarded the Green Key Gold ecolabel. 

Address: Reyndersweg 1, Velsen-Noord
Open: see website

Timboektoe beach paviljoen