Striding in the Loose Sand

The Soesterduinen are great for getting some fresh air. The area is best-known for its large drifting sands.

Bring a ball or kite and find a spot in the sand, while the kids can run around in this large ‘sandbox’ and will immediately start to climb the trees.

“For kids, the drifting sands are the absolute highlight of the Soesterduinen. Here, they can run up and down a hill and climb the trees.”

Nature area Soesterduinen is situated south of Soest, on the edge of the Utrechtse Heuvelrug. The area consists of two parts: the Lange Duinen (Long Dunes) and the Korte Duinen (Short Dunes). For a beautiful walk with the kids, choose the Lange Duinen. Follow the blue posts for this 5-kilometre long route. You’ll come through wooded areas, heather fields and sand walls. But the highlight is, of course, the drifting sands where you can run up and down the hill in the loose sand and hide in the climbing trees.

Hey, did you know?

The drifting sands in Soest were appointed a Geological Monument by the province of Utrecht in 1997, because the landscape is so unique.

  Brasserie de Lange Duinen
Address: Foekenlaan 25, Soest (Brasserie de Lange Duinen, starting point of the walk)
Open: see website

Brasserie de Lange Duinen