Stately country estates

Domburg borders the Manteling, a nature reserve that’s great for cycle rides and hikes. If you’re lucky, you may even come across a fallow deer, one of the area’s permanent residents.

“Cycle or walk past old stately homes, through forests and dunes, along avenues and lovely winding pathways of the Manteling.”

Although Domburg’s greatest attraction is clearly the sea, it is certainly worth enjoying the nature of the surrounding area. Tour through the beautiful Manteling nature reserve which lies between Domburg and the Veerse Gatdam. Here you’ll find old country mansions, forests, dunes, stately avenues and pathways as well as unusual flora and fauna such as non-native plants that once spread from the estates. Two inhabitants you may come across are fallow deer and roe deer.

Hey, did you know?

A number of stately homes, such as Westhove, Berkenbosch and Duinbeek are located in the Manteling nature reserve. From the 17th to 19th century these were the summer residences of Middelburg’s elite. Later, many of them were either permanently inhabited or bought by institutions.

  Natuurgebied de Manteling
Address: Duinvlietweg 8, Domburg (Westhove)
Open: daily

Natuurgebied de Manteling