Start of the Dutch state

You can relive one of the key moments in the history of the Netherlands in Hof van Nederland. It was here that in 1572, the First Assembly of Free States was held and laid the foundations of the Netherlands of today. 

“In the Hof van Nederland, you can relive the First Assembly of Free States of 1572.”

The Hof van Nederland is all about the one important assembly at which the revolt against the Spanish was discussed and William of Orange was reinstated as stadtholder. It also focuses on the key event of three years later: the Union of Dordrecht. In addition to these events of national importance, Hof van Nederland presents Dordrecht’s Golden Age, Dordrecht as an administrative centre and its role in the timber and later steel trade.  

Nice to know!

The Flood Disaster of 1953 was one of the most catastrophic natural disasters in Dutch history, but did you know that another major disaster occurred in 1421? The St Elizabeth’s Flood breached the dikes of the then Grote or Hollandsche Waard region. Decades would pass before the whole area was submerged, resulting ultimately in the formation of the Biesbosch.

  Hof van Nederland
Address: Hof 6, Dordrecht
Open: see website

Hof van Nederland