Simian spotting

There’s only one place for watching monkeys: Apenheul Primate Park, a beautiful green park where more than half the monkeys roam free.

If you want to make sure your belongings are safe from the little rascals, you can borrow a monkey-proof bag.

If you’re lucky, a yellow squirrel monkey may jump up onto your shoulder.

The green forest of Apenheul is home to around 300 monkeys that scramble and climb around you. Around half of them, including the yellow squirrel monkey, roam free. If you’re lucky, he may even jump up onto your shoulder. There are also monkeys that are skilled at keeping hidden, making them hard to spot. Fortunately, the park provides plenty of spotting tips. Be sure to watch out for Pepi the spider monkey, Apenheul’s first resident. You’ll recognise her from the wobbly way she walks.

Hey, did you know?

Monkeys don’t like being stroked as it makes them feel threatened. Just let the animals do their own thing.

Address: J.C. Wilslaan 21, Apeldoorn 
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