Science by the sea

What do the Netherlands look like from space? What is a black hole and when can you escape the Earth’s gravity?

Space Expo answers all of your space-related questions with interactive exhibitions.

Space Expo tells you all about space travel, distant planets and well-known astronauts.

One thing is certain: after visiting Space Expo for a couple of hours, you will have learned a lot about space exploration. Besides the rich history of the subject, this interactive museum also explains the applications of and technology behind space travel using a gravity square, a satellite square and a launch game. True space fans can step into an astronaut’s boots and find out what it’s like to operate a space station. The highlight is the actual Soyuz capsule that carried André Kuipers.

Hey, did you know?

Space Expo isn’t just a museum about space exploration, it’s also the official visitor centre for the Dutch branch of the ESA, the European Space Agency. At weekends, you can even take the Space Train to visit this centre.

  Space Expo
Address: Keplerlaan 3, Noordwijk

Space Expo, Noordwijk