School of harbour history

We knew that the North Sea Canal was an efficient waterway between Amsterdam and the North Sea.

But did you know that it took 11 years of construction before it could be opened by King Willem III in 1876? Learn about this and much more in the IJmuider Zee- en Havenmuseum.

“The museum explains everything about the history of IJmuiden, starting with the digging of the North Sea Canal.”

The Maritime and Port Museum, ‘De Visserij­school’ is housed in the old fisheries college that was founded in 1916. Fishing has been an important source of income for the population of IJmuiden ever since and as such the need for fishery training increased. The college taught students until well into last century. The museum tells us about this period as well as tugs, the offshore industry and the history of the North Sea Canal.

Hey, did you know?

In terms of transhipment, IJmuiden is one of the largest sea ports in the Netherlands, behind Rotterdam and Amsterdam.

When it comes to fishing, it’s the largest harbour in the country. IJmuiden is also the departure point for the ferry to Newcastle.

  IJmuider Zee- en Havenmuseum
Address: Havenkade 55, IJmuiden

IJmuider Zee- en Havenmuseum