Sand dunes & LW signals

The Hoge Veluwe National Park is full of surprises. If we venture through the trees we find wide open moorland and drift sand area known as Kootwijkerzand. In the middle stands Radio Kootwijk’s imposing transmitting station.  

“The vast emptiness of the Kootwijkerzand was perfect for interference-free transmissions.”

Covering an area of 700 hectares, Kootwijkerzand is Europe’s largest drift sand landscape. You won’t be surprised to learn that strong winds blow the sand in all directions. In around 1920, the Radio Kootwijk transmitting station was built here with the intention of establishing radio contact with the then Dutch East Indies. The vast emptiness of the area was perfect for an interference-free transmissions. You can visit the Art Deco building all year round with a Forestry Commission guide. 

Hey, did you know?

The Art Deco style transmitting station was built by Royal Chief Architect, Julius Luthmann. He was commissioned to construct a hall large enough to house long wave radio equipment. Concrete was used as he wasn’t allowed to use wood or steel.

  Radio Kootwijk
Address: Radioweg 1, Radio Kootwijk
Open: Kootwijkerzand is open all year round, Radio Kootwijk transmitter can be visited all year round with a guide and sometimes independently (see website for dates and times)

Radio Kootwijk