Royal Hotspots

When you’re in The Hague, it’s impossible to miss the House of Orange. You can find palaces, historical monuments and beautiful palace gardens everywhere.

An online walking route leads you past all these royal hotspots and allows you to experience the rich royal history of the court capital. Will you spot a member of the royal family?!

Discover Noordeinde Palace, the Royal Stables and many other royal buildings

The highlights on the route are Noordeinde Palace (the king’s working palace), the Royal Stables (where the Golden and Glass Coach are parked) and the Palace Garden. But there are many more buildings with a royal factor. Take Kneuterdijk Palace, that used to be the residence of William II and is now the seat of the Council of State, or the Kloosterkerk, the church where princess Beatrix would sometimes attend the service. During a walk, you’ll also learn where Máxima once ate ice cream and prince Bernhard bought his cigars.

Hey, did you know?

Want to experience a royal moment? Come to Noordeinde Palace on Wednesday morning. Willem-Alexander regularly receives new ambassadors who come to offer their credentials. Ambassador arrive in a gala carriage accompanied by riders of the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee Mounted Brigade and an honour guard.

  Koninklijke hotspots
Address: Lange Voorhout 74, The Hague (Escher in the Palace, starting point of the walk)
Open: daily, route of four kilometres to be walked independently
Online: A royal walk