Picturesque pier remains

One of the most popular photo spots on the island of Texel is Sil Harbour at De Cocksdorp.

This harbour only appears at low tide so you’ll need to plan properly if you intend to take a series of great photographs.

Sil Harbour only appears at low tide, so be sure to have your camera ready.

The harbour was originally constructed to enable the supply of building materials to the village. After the Eierland polder, once the southernmost point of Vlieland, now the northern part of Texel, was reclaimed, the harbour became the base for the post boat that sailed to Posthuys. When the service stopped, the harbour became derelict. In the 1980s and 90s, beachcomber and shipowner Sil Boon, who gave his name to the harbour, restored the northern pier.

Hey, did you know?

You can embark on De Vriendschap at De Cocksdorp harbour and take a day trip to Vlieland. You’re dropped off at the Vliehors, also known as the ‘Sahara of the North’, and then taken to the Posthuys on the Vliehors Express.

  Haventje van Sil
Address: Stengweg 29, De Cocksdorp
Open: daily  

Haventje van Sil