Picking at Franken Fruit

There’s lots to do at Franken Fruit. You can pick your own fruit during the harvesting season. Children can take part in a treasure hunt or have fun in the playground.  

“During harvesting, people come from far and wide to pick their own fruit and vegetables.”

Apples, tomatoes, quinces, raspberries, fennel… Name a fruit or vegetable and there’s every chance that Franken Fruit grows it. This family-owned farm is located on the outskirts of Bergen op Zoom. Children visiting are guaranteed an educational experience because here, they can see how fruit and vegetables are grown. Even nicer is that you are allowed to pick some of the produce yourself. The family uses any fruit that isn’t sold to make jam, juice or syrup which they sell in the farm store.

Hey, did you know?

If you’re heading to Franken Fruit to pick apples, here is a useful tip: gently roll the apple upwards to prevent bruising. The fruit then separates easily with the stem still intact.

  Franken Fruit
Address Balsedreef 1, Bergen op Zoom
Open Monday to Saturday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Online http://www.frankenfruit.nl

Franken Fruit