Lighting up Eindhoven: Philips Museum

Do you really want to discover Eindhoven? Then a visit to the Philips Museum is a must.

Go back to the roots of light, radio and TV and discover how the light bulb transformed Eindhoven into a city of lights. It's the place where it all started!

From small light bulb manufacturer to global concern

Go back in time and immerse yourself in the innovations that made an impact on people's lives worldwide. How did Philips become the world's largest light bulb manufacturer? You'll discover this and more during your visit to the museum.

It all started in the 19th century, when Gerard Philips introduced light bulbs here and started production in the current museum building. Because Philips was ahead in this industry, production grew to a global level. Soon more than just light bulbs were produced, think: radios, the first electronic TV, CD players, X-ray machines and LED light. Even your old trusty Senseo coffee machine couldn't exist without Philips.

Hey, did you know?

There's a fun, interactive way for everyone aged 8 and up to discover the museum. Mission Eureka is an adventure in which you playfully get to know the researcher in yourself. Play with your friends, parents or grandparents and solve various challenges: find out how LED light works or what X-ray does!

  Philips Museum
Adres: Emmasingel 31, Eindhoven
Online: Philips Museum

Philips Museum, Eindhoven