Palace of Peace and Justice

You must have heard of the Peace Palace, but might not know exactly what’s happening behind that imposing façade…

When we say ‘International Court of Justice’, this probably rings a bell. Special: the only judicial body of the United Nations outside of New York. Certainly worth a visit or a photo, right?

Behind the impressive façade of the Peace Palace, people work on a safer, more peaceful and more just world every day.

Speaking of photos: the Peace Palace is one of the most photographed buildings in The Hague. Small wonder with such an imposing façade and the organisations that are hiding behind it. In addition to the International Court of Justice, there’s also a prestigious library and the palace houses the Hague Academy for International Law. Thanks to this, The Hague has an inter­national reputation as the city of peace and justice. In the visitor centre, you can learn all about the Peace Palace and the organisations.

Hey, did you know?

‘May all beings find peace’: that’s the inscription on the peace flame that sits by the entrance of the Peace Palace. Since 2004, it also has the World Peace Flame Pathway, marked by 196 stones from 196 countries. A few stones are extra special, such as the one from Germany: a piece of the Berlin Wall.

Address: Carnegieplein 2

Vredespaleis, Den Haag