War Escape Adventure

This is currently one of the biggest hits among group outings: an escape room. The goal? To try to escape within 60 minutes together with your family, friends or colleagues. Nearby Bergen op Zoom, you can find Bunker Escape, where you can relive the times of war.

“Will you as a resistance fighter succeed to escape from this German bunker?”

As the name hints, you play Bunker Escape in an authentic World War II bunker, situated in the village De Heen. The assignment is to try to escape from this German bunker as resistance fighters. To succeed, you have to solve all kinds of riddles and carry out assignments. Teamwork, insight and creativity are essential for a successful escape. Will and your group manage to escape?

Hey, did you know?

Up for another group activity? The Heen also has marina de Schapenput, where you can rent an electric boat to sail the Steenbergsche Vliet.

  Bunker Escape
Address: Heense Molenweg 23, De Heen  
Open: you can reserve throughout the whole day
Online: bunkerescape.nl

Bunker Escape