Museum of maritime finds

The seabed around Texel is littered with shipwrecks, which isn’t surprising if you consider that the most danger channel in the Netherlands is here.

Although numerous wrecks are still buried beneath the sand, some have been raised. These and the items found inside them are on display at Kaap Skil.

“Highlights are the Texel beachcomber finds and the Palmwood Wreck.”

Kaap Skil is a fascinating museum for all ages where you can find out all about underwater archaeology, beachcombing, Texel’s fishing industry and much more. A day really isn’t enough to see all of the exhibits because the museum also has an open air museum and a windmill. The highlights are a life-size model of the Dutch East India Company ships (the Reede van Texel), the finds collected by beachcombers and the Palmwood Wreck, which lay beneath the sand with its cargo for 400 years.

Hey, did you know?

The modern, wooden facade of Kaap Skil consists of vertical lamellae cut from wooden sheet piling from the Noord-Hollands Canal. It is a nod to the washed-up objects in the museum that have also been given a second life.

  Kaap Skil
Address: Heemskerckstraat 9, Oudeschild

Kaap Skil