Land from the sea

How was Zeeland’s coastal landscape reclaimed over the past 1000 years?

The answer to the question can be found in the Terra Maris (literally ‘land from the sea’) museum.

Terra Maris is all about the reclaimed landscape and diverse fauna and flora of Zeeland.

This museum is all about the Zeeland landscape and natural environment. Using sound, pictures, computer presentations, animation, aquariums, archaeological finds and stuffed birds and mammals, you will discover how sea finally became land. In addition to land reclamation, the museum also looks at Zeeland’s diverse flora and fauna. From forests, dunes, meadows and farmland to streams, large tidal waters and saltwater lakes.

Hey, did you know?

The museum also includes a 2.5-hectare landscape garden called the Hortus Zelandiae. Here you can see the different types of Zeeland's landscape in miniature. In the playground, you can have fun with the water table, a balance snake, and a climbing pyramid; try them out!

Discover the power of tidal energy on the tidal seesaw and climb the Mottekasteel, a medieval defense tower on the Vlietberg.

  Terra Maris
Address: Duinvlietweg 6, Oostkapelle
Open: check the website

Terra Maris