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Climbing and Clambering

Playing knight? Come to Speelbos Nieuw Wulven where you travel back to the era of the Romans. Once, this was the very location of a Roman fortress. Nowadays, kids can play and run wild, mess about with water and swing in car tyres.

“In the spot of a former Roman fortress now lies a playground where kids can run wild, mess about with water or climb the playset.”

To get to the playground, you must first take a short walk through the forest. Along the way, be sure to look for deer, jays, hares, mice, pheasants or grass snakes that crosses your path. These animals all live around the playground forest. Once you arrive at the spot of the former fortress, the kids can start climbing and playing or getting wet at the water pump. Also feel free to bring a picnic blanket and some sandwiches. Plenty of space to relax on the grass.

Nice to know!

Speelbos Nieuw Wulven is situated in the middle of natural area the Kromme Rijn that is part of the New Hollandic Waterline. Therefore, there are plenty of fortresses to visit, such as Fort bij Vechten. https://www.stayokay.com/nl/tips/water-als-wapen.



  Speelbos Nieuw Wulven
Address: Wulverbroekpad, Houten (parkeren aan de Binnenweg)
Open: all year round
Online: staatsbosbeheer.nl

Speelbos Nieuw Wulven


Utrecht - Bunnik

A stately night’s rest in the forest

The hostel is uniquely situated in a forest area on the banks of the Kromme Rijn, less than 5 km from the city of Utrecht.
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