River Repose

When you think of the province of Brabant, you might think of forest, but water sports enthusiasts can certainly also get some action in the area of Bergen op Zoom. There are various marinas where you can rent a canoe or sloop to discover the inland waters of Brabant.

“Sail by the waving reeds and the swampy nature towards Steenbergen with an electric boat.”

To admire the beauty of the Brabantse Shore from the water, you can rent an electric boat at Marina de Schapenput in church village De Heen. It’s situated on the meandering river De Steenbergsche Vliet. Sail past the waving reeds and the swampy nature in the direction of Steenbergen. You might see a Highland cow. Also be sure to take a look at the sluices of the Benedenas, where the river flows into the Volkerak.

Hey, did you know?

Want to end a day on the water with a barbecue? The marina has a Finnish Kota you can rent.

  Jachthaven de Schapenput
Adress: Heensedijk 57a, De Heen 
Online: www.schapenput.nl

Jachthaven de Schapenput