Journey Through the Body

At Corpus, it’s all about the human body. And to make this as clear as possible, you’ll travel ‘through the body’ in this museum and you’ll be able to see, hear and feel how all your organs work.

Start at the knee and exit the body via the brain. Truly spectacular!

At Corpus, you’ll go on a spectacular journey through the human body and discover how all organs work.

In Corpus, you walk through the human body past all kinds of organs and you’ll be guided by an audio tour. In the meantime, you can feel the air stream through the lungs, see a baby in the womb and discover what loud music does to your ears. The journey through the bloodstream, brain and heart chambers, with all kinds of special effects and animations, is truly spectacular. Once you leave the body, you’ll get to the interaction part. Measure your heartrate and find out what happens when you sneeze, for instance.

Hey, did you know?

Corpus is a remarkable seven-storey building. Together, these storeys form a 35-metre high human body. Even the outside of the building has been shaped like a human body.

Address: Willem Einthovenstraat 1, Oegstgeest

Corpus Experience