Gnome-wood bound

Dragging twigs, gathering acorns and pine cones, playing hide ‘n’ seek behind thick trees: the forest is really just a free playground.

On Texel, the Sommeltjes Path adds to the fun for the very youngest.

Hunting for ‘sommeltjes’

The ‘Sommeltjes Path’ is a children’s nature trail that winds for a mile or so through Texel’s forest. To cross the finishing line, the children have to hunt for ‘sommeltjes’. According to legend, these gnomes, found only on Texel, turn into stone at daybreak. While following the trail, older children can play a game of ‘spot the clue’. The path is suitable for children aged 3 or older and teaches them to appreciate nature.

Hey, did you know?

The forest on Texel is known as ‘Dennen’ because initially, the Dutch forestry commission had mainly planted pines there. The forest was originally intended for timber production.

Address: Pelikaanweg, De Koog (startpunt)
Open: daily