Get the beachcombing bug

At the Paal 9 beach pavilion, you can take part in a beachcomber art workshop.

Artist Paulien Vals will take you for a stroll along the coastline to hunt for anything unusual that you may be able to turn into an interesting work of art.

Shells, rope and wood are lovely bounty with which to create pieces of art.

Shells, ropes, shark teeth, objects from sunken ships and so on; all sorts of stuff washes ashore. Of course these aren’t the kind of things beach­combers hunt for, but for a beach­comber art workshop it’s all wonderful bounty for creative minds. The workshop is given at the Paal 9 beach pavilion, which is open all year round. To get there, you have to cross the rugged land­scape and there’s a big chance you’ll meet a Scottish Highlander (the cow, not a man in a kilt 😉).

Hey, did you know?

Beachcombing isn’t just a bygone activity. On Texel it’s still being carried out. Kaap Skil museum has a special department showing objects that have been found. You can also find out all about life as a Texel beachcomber.

  Strandpaviljoen Paal 9
Address: Hoornderslag 8, Den Hoorn

Paal 9, Texel