Freshly filleted fish

Fishermen have been landing fresh fish at Oudeschild, Texel’s harbour village, for centuries.

If you want to try fish fresh off the boat for yourself, make your way to the Old Fish Market in the big yellow shed.

“Take some fresh fish home or eat a portion of fried fish chunks among the fishing nets.”

When Texel’s fleet of cutters sails into port just before the weekend, the Old Fish Market folk pounce because this is as fresh as fish gets! They then take their booty back to base where they skilfully carve it into fish fillets. At their stalls, they are happy to advise customers about the best cooking methods and you can enjoy a portion of fried fish chunks among the nets.

Hey, did you know?

You can combine eating fish at the Old Fish Market with a visit to the ‘Life of a Fish’ exhibition. The exhibition room is on the top floor and is dedicated to Texel’s fishing industry.

  Oude Vismarkt 
Address: Vlamkast 53, Oudeschild  

De Oude Vismarkt, Texel