Flemish family recipes

Witloof is a little piece of Belgium in Maastricht. In this ‘plezant’ restaurant, they serve great Belgian dishes the way grandma (bomma) used to make them. From Gentse waterzooi and West-Vloamse stew to the famous Liège sugar waffles.

“From Gentse waterzooi to West Vloamse stew: at Witloof, Belgian home cooking is the main theme on the menu.”

Witloof is a much discussed eating place in Maastricht, and only in a good way, because this Belgian restaurant is recommended on numerous blogs and websites. This is mainly due to their simple, pure dishes, such as the famous croquettes, which are all prepared according to family recipes. To really appreciate the flavours, you can choose from no fewer than 351 types of Belgian beer to go with your meal. Another reason to visit is Witlof’s interior which undergoes regular metamorphoses.

Hey, did you know?

In 2006, Witloof won the interior design category of the Dutch Design Award. What’s more, they came 13th in the New York Times’ list of ‘100 most trendy restaurant concepts in the world’.

  Witloof Maastricht
Address: Sint-Bernardusstraat 12, Maastricht
Open: see website
Online: witloof.nl

Witloof Maastricht