Fireman’s fare

Tell your children that you’re off to get a coffee at a former fire station and they’re bound to get excited. Sadly, there are no more fire engines to be seen in the Firefighters’ Canteen but there’s a nice play corner with toys and games.   

“The hall where fire engines used to be kept is now the place to have a coffee, lunch or dinner.”

De Brandweerkantine (Firefighters’ Canteen) is a kidproof hot spot in Maastricht. The canteen is spacious – it’s where they used to keep fire engines, after all – with vintage fittings and furniture, and a menu offering good, honest food. Children can choose things like French Toast with cinnamon, a bowl of banana or peanut butter sandwich. There’s also a play corner that’s big enough for them to run around in. While the kids are playing, grab a book from the exchange library.

Nice to know!

Fire engines drove in and out of here until the 1990s. Then the building was used by squatters and later as studios.

  De Brandweerkantine
Address: Capuncijnenstraat 21, Maastricht
Open: Mondays from 10am to 6pm, Tuesday to Sunday from 10am to late

De Brandweerkantine