Dunes and dense forest

If you thought there were almost no forests in South Holland, think again.

The trees of Noordwijk forestry commission are also part of the Hollands Duin area of dunes between Wassenaar and Noordwijk. It is an oasis of tranquillity in the Randstad where city dwellers can escape their busy lives.

The variety of dunes, woods, sand drifts and fens is a winning combination.

One moment you’re walking over open dunes, the next you’re in dense forest. Hollands Duin is a varied nature reserve which is great for cycling and hiking and year-round bird-spotting. In spring you should keep an eye out for the nightingale. You may also come across unusual plants, such as the dune pansy and common stork’s bill. You’ll also see the occasional remains of bunkers that formed the Atlantic Wall built by Germany in World War II.

Hey, did you know?

At the Coepelduynen you can see sand drifts which clearly show how dunes were formed by the effects of wind. You are also likely to come across a roe deer or fox.

  Hollands Duin
Address: Duinweg 81, Noordwijk
Online: www.staatsbosbeheer.nl

Hollands Duin