Dive in the Underwater World

Dive in the Underwater World

There’s no need to go to tropical waters or the great ocean to see giant sharks, moray eels and seahorses. Because you can also take a dive in the wondrous underwater world in the Zee Aquarium. Discover the most special fish, shellfish and sea animals from all corners of the world.

“At the Sea Aquarium, you can travel the world and discover over 300 different kinds of fish, from rays to piranhas.”

From the Atlantic Ocean to the Mediterranean Sea and the North Sea: at the Zee Aquarium in Bergen aan Zee, you can travel the world and discover over 300 kinds of fish in various habitats. The giant skeleton of a sperm whale and the piranha pond will certainly make an impression. Those who are brave enough can pet a living ray at the Ray Reef. Be sure to meet the dogfish shark, who lives in the North Sea and is harmless to human beings.

Nice to know!

A dogfish shark lays transparent eggs that hatch after nine to eleven months. The newly born sharks are about 10 centimetres big, after which they grow to become adult sharks of about 60 centimetres.

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