Dry with the Waterline

Fort de Roovere is the largest fortress of the West-Brabant waterline, the defence line that was meant to stop the Spaniards in the 17th century. Later, it was also used against the French and the Belgians. The Moses Bridge by the fortress is world famous. Here, you walk through water, but your feet stay dry.

“World-famous at Fort de Roovere is the Moses Bridge, a trench bridge through the water you can cross without getting wet feet.”

The Moses Bridge is a trench bridge and the absolute highlight during a visit to Fort de Roovere. It’s a modern work of art that has won important architectural and building awards. The Pompejus is also special; this is a 30-meter high tower you can climb for a beautiful view of the fortress and the West-Brabant water line, now part of the Southern Water Line. Also take a walk across the grounds of the fortress to get a view of the remnants of the French trenches.

Nice to know!

At information centre De Schaft, right before the Moses Bridge, you’ll find out all there is to know about the West-Brabant waterline and how this part of the defence line worked.

  Fort de Roovere
Address: Ligneweg, Halsteren   
Open: for dates check the website of the Brabantse Wal tourist information
Online: www.vvvbrabantsewal.nl

Fort de Roovere