Church amid tulips

Like other villages in the bulb-growing region, Noordwijkerhout is surrounded by colourful fields of flowers. This makes any cycle ride around the village a memorable experience. A handy reference point is the slender spire of the White Church.

“Do you see those bars in the White Church’s steeple? That is where local criminals were locked up.”

From Noordwijk, it’s just a twenty-minute cycle ride through the bulb fields to Noordwijkerhout. One of the sightseeing options in the village is the White Church, which has been burned down and rebuilt a few times. Do you see those bars in the steeple? That is where local criminals were locked up. If you continue further north, to the heart of De Zilk, you’ll reach the entrance to the Amsterdam Water Supply Dunes. This dune region is home to the largest fallow deer herd in the Netherlands.

Nice to know!

Oosterduinse Lake just to the north of Noordwijkerhout also belongs to the village. Locals also refer to it as Lake Como. The lake is superb for water sports and boasts two campsites and a restaurant.

  De Witte Kerk​
Address: Dorpsstraat 7, Noordwijkerhout
Open: alone during church services

De Witte Kerk Noordwijkerhout