Chiming cheese o’ clock

You can buy cheese anywhere in the Netherlands, but it’s much more fun to do so on Waagplein in Alkmaar, where cheese has been traded since 1365.

There’s no shortage of cheese shops either. If you’re there on Friday, the Cheese Market (however touristy) is well worth a visit.

“The bell signalling the opening of the market is rung at exactly 10 o’clock. Right away, grading starts and deals are struck over the price per kilogram.”

Every Friday from April to September, the Cheese Market is held on Waagplein. At exactly 10 o’clock, the bell is rung to signal the opening of business, whereupon the cheeses are graded and deals are struck over the price per kilogram. To learn more about cheese, pop into the Cheese Museum in the Weigh House (Waaggebouw). If you’re in Alkmaar outside the ‘cheese season’, there are two excellent cheese shops at 8 and 11 Magdelenenstraat, which also happens to be lovely shopping street.

Hey, did you know?

There are five cheese markets in the Netherlands. They are held in Gouda, Woerden, Edam, Hoorn and Alkmaar.

  Kaasmarkt Alkmaar
Address: Waagplein 2

Kaasmarkt Alkmaar