Bridge to the War Past

The Battle of Arnhem sounds familiar, but what happened exactly? Of course, you can google the answer...

Or you can visit the place where it all happened: the John Frost Bridge. This road bridge across the Nederrijn river also connects the north and the south of Arnhem.

Near the John Frost Bridge, you can find "Airborne at the Bridge", where you can read the personal stories of three soldiers who died defending the bridge.

The John Frost Bridge is inextricably linked to World War II in Arnhem. It’s named after the British commander John Dutton Frost, who was the only one who succeeded in reaching the north side of the Bridge with his battalion of parachutists during Operation Market Garden. The operation still failed, because they failed to conquer the bridge from the Germans. Near the bridge you can find Airborne at the Bridge, with the stories of people who were killed during the Battle of Arnhem in 1944.

Hey, did you know?

Also visit Airborne Museum ‘Harten­stein’ in Oosterbeek, where you can discover everything on the world-famous Battle of Arnhem trough photos, texts, objects and audio-visual materials.

  John Frostbrug
Address: Nieuwe Kade 23, Arnhem (Airborne at the Bridge)
Open: daily from 10.00 to 17.00


John Frostbrug