Berta and Other Bunkers

Traces of World War II can still be found on the Wadden Islands. Such as the Tiger­stellung on Terschelling, for instance; a German radar site where over 200 German soldiers used to work and live.

The site spans seven hectares and harbours 85 bunkers. Four of these form a museum.

Observe the trace of World War II on Terschelling: the Tiger­stellung, a German radar site with no less than 85 bunkers.

The bunkers are situated along the Dutch coast, including that of Terschelling, and were built as part of the Atlantikwall, a 5,200-kilometre long defence line that ran from Norway to the South of France. The Germans built the line between 1942 and 1945 to defend against an invasion of western European mainland from the sea. In the visitor’s centre of the Bunker Museum, you can find an exhibition and watch a film about the Atlantikwall. You can also walk across the site beyond the bunkers.

Hey, did you know?

Commando bunker Berta is an imposing bunker because of its size. It’s 20 by 20 metres and has two storeys. There are only three such bunkers in the Netherlands. The others can be found at Zandvoort and Brielle.

  Bunker Museum
Address: Tigerpad 5, West-Terschelling

Bunker Museum Terschelling