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Beachcomber’s cache

All kinds of things wash up on the beach: shells, shark teeth, fishing nets, the remains of sunken ships and sometimes even a porpoise. At the Kijkduin Beachcomber’s Cabin you’ll be amazed at Ome Jan’s and assistant Rob’s finds.

“You’ll be amazed at all of the washed-up treasures in Ome Jan’s Beachcomber’s Cabin.”

Ome Jan’s finds provide plenty of proof that there’s lots to find when beachcombing on Kijkduin beach. The beachcomber’s cabin is filled with buoys, fishnets, tools and pallets. If you want to hear the stories behind the finds, you need to go to the cabin on Saturday or Sunday afternoon, when Ome Jan is there. Unless the weather gets rough, because he’ll be beachcombing. You can borrow a net to go fishing in the sea, use a metal detector like a proper beachcomber or learn to tie knots.

Nice to know

At Kijkduin there’s more to look for than beachcombing treasures; things like Pokémon! In August 2016, Kijkduin was heralded the Pokémon capital because this area of The Hague was overrun by Pokémon hunters.

  Jutterskeet Kijkduin   
Address: Deltaplein 200, Kijkduin (follow beach path by Hotel Atlantic for the Beachcomber’s Cabin) 
Open: Every Saturday and Sunday
Admission: Free, but donations are welcome

Jutterskeet Kijkduin