An app-led wildlife walk

An interactive way to explore the Brabantse Wal region is with Natuurpodium’s free app that will take you through some breathtakingly beautiful scenery.

Put on your hiking boots and don’t forget your knapsack!

Explore the Brabantse Wal region in a surprising and interactive way with Natuurpodium’s free app

The Natuurpodium is an educational visitor centre where you can learn all about the wildlife, cultural history and economy of the Brabantse Wal. To see, hear, feel or taste how unique this area is, the app takes you on an expedition. Your challenge is to find digital keys. When you find one you’ll be set another task or asked a question. When you’ve finished you’ll have a good idea about all the animals that live there, which trees grow there and of course its history and culture.

Hey, did you know?

Like Stayokay and the climbing forest the Natuurpodium is located on the Lievensberg estate with its drift sands, heather gardens and pine forests. There are two beautiful walking routes (5 and 7 kilometres) and two mountain bike routes were opened in early 2017.

Address: Boslustweg 1, Bergen op Zoom