Aerial activities

Wobbling over a rope bridge, swinging on a vine and whizzing along a zipline. Whatever you do, one thing’s for sure: at Klimbos Brabantse Wal, your feet won’t touch the ground because this place is all about climbing among the trees. 

“The excitement mounts as soon as you set foot in the climbing forest.”

Brabantse Wal climbing forest is situated in the great outdoors and is climbing heaven for young and old alike. You’d better not suffer from vertigo because the obstacles range from between 3 and 18 metres above ground level. A total of seven adventurous routes, of varying levels of difficulty, have been marked out. For children age 7 or older, there’s the Junior Forest, where you can unleash your inner Tarzan on 35 aerial crossings, 3 to 5 m above the ground. So it’s not exactly childish.

Hey, did you know?

If you have a fear or heights or if climbing just isn’t your thing, you could pop over to Natuurpodium, the educational centre next to the climbing forest, where you can see, hear, feel and taste what makes the Brabantse Wal nature reserve so special.

  Klimbos Brabantse Wal  
Address: Boslustweg 1, Bergen op Zoom 
Open: Check the website

Klimbos Brabantse Wal