Aerial acrobatics

Jumpin’ Noordwijk is an indoor trampoline park covering 600 square metres, where cool kids aged 4 or more can go completely berserk. They can jump around in the huge foam pit, play dodgeball or do impressive somersaults. 

“Practice your somersaults in the foam pit: a ‘pool’ filled with foam blocks.”

Jumpin’ Noordwijk is trampolining heaven! There are different sizes and types of trampolines, a tumbling lane to practice flips and somersaults and for real aerial acrobats there’s a foam pit, which is like a swimming pool filled with foam blocks so you can practice your jumps safely. You can also climb up a rope and let yourself fall and land safely. If you want to learn to slam dunk like Michael Jordan, there’s a basket you can practice with!

Nice to know!

Ever heard of dodgeball? This is a trampoline-based ball game where you have to get your opponent out by throwing a ball so it hits them below the shoulders or by catching a ball thrown by an opponent before it hits anything or anyone else.

  Jumpin’ Noordwijk
Address: Van Berckelweg 34, Noordwijk
Open: see website

Jumpin’ Noordwijk