A wide choice of cheeses

You have to keep an eye on yourself in De Staelenhoef’s farm shop because before you know it, you’ll have bought everything. With their 65 cows, Toon and Trudie produce so many tasty goodies on their dairy farm, including their own range of cheeses, yoghurt, butter and milk. 

“The Hilhorst family has been making cheese on their charming 1722 farm for as long as anyone can remember.”

If you’d like to know how cheese is made, then De Staelenhoef dairy farm is a good place to learn. The Hilhorst family has been making cheese at this Soest farm, built in 1722, for as long as anyone can remember. The farm is beautifully located at the foot of the Utrecht Ridge. Could this be the reason the cheese tastes so good? Hurry along to the farm shop to sample their range of tempting cheeses, flavoured with ingredients such as truffles, chives, nettles, pesto and garlic. 

Nice to know!

At De Staelenhoef dairy farm has a milking robot so the cows are able to decide for themselves when they need to be milked. This is usually three times a day.  

  De Staelenhoef
Address: Birkstraat 123, Soest
Open: see website
Online: www.destaelenhoef.nl

De Staelenhoef