3 cheers for milk & beer

There are places that cheer you up at once when you just happen to walk past them. De Domburgsche Bier & Melksalon is one such place. Nothing you do can stop you being drawn in.

“At the Domburgsche Bier & Melksalon you can have a delicious breakfast or lunch made from organic and local produce.”

De Domburgsche Bier & Melksalon owes its name to its past. In the early 20th century it was the place you’d go for - you’ve guessed it - milk and beer. Over 100 years later you can still do so but the organic food and drink store now offers much, much more. These days there are delicious homemade pies, salads, smoothie bowls and healthy sandwiches on the menu. If you’re looking for a nice gift, they sell local produce and attractive tableware here too.

Hey, did you know?

Cast a glance at the facade before entering the Domburgsche Bier & Melksalon. The milk churn and beer cask are a give away as to the past of this shop on the corner of Zuidstraat and Markt.

  Domburgsche Bier en Melksalon
Address: Weststraat 11, Domburg
Open: check the website
Online: http://bierenmelksalon.nl

Domburgsche Bier en Melksalon