Low Price Guarantee

At Stayokay.com, you’ll definitely find the lowest price for your stay at Stayokay. The endless comparing of prices on other booking sites is no longer necessary - how easy is that?!

How do you get the Lowest Price Guarantee?

  • Choose the discount rate for 5% extra discount (not valid if the arrival date is within 3 days of the book date). Cancellation is not possible for this rate.


  • Book with children’s discount (valid for children up to 12 years).


  • Book with the Stayokay Card or the Stayokay Family Card. Always € 2.50 discount per person per night with a Stayokay Card or Stayokay Family Card.
Terms & Conditions

The lowest price guarantee only applies if the Booking Conditions are the same. This will be based on the total costs for the same hostel at the moment of the booking. The following data should be identical:

  • the arrival date
  • the package deal room
  • the travel time
  • the payment terms
  • the number of guests
  • moment of booking