Green Friday

Let's go green on Black Friday!

Black Friday; the day when we storm (online) shops en masse for the cheapest deals. Did you know that this actually causes overconsumption and depletes our earth? This must and can be changed! That is why we join the counter-movement: Green Friday.

During the weekend of Friday 24 to Sunday 26 November 2023, we have participated in Green Friday and donated 285 trees to Trees for All!

With 285 trees you save 77 tons of CO2! That is equivalent to flying 539 times from Amsterdam to Paris, 30.8 times around the world by train and 23,100 kg of office paper. Wow!

Trees for All plants trees in the Netherlands and abroad for a better climate, more biodiversity and healthy living conditions. Will you let the forest grow?

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Sustainable Travel

Did you know that our staff is trained as bee­keepers, we participate in cleanup campaigns and that our staff clothing is made from PET bottles and old clothing?

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