Cycling at Stayokay

Whoever thinks of the Netherlands, thinks of water, mills and... bicycles!

We Dutch do nothing better than hop on the steel steed and discover the most beautiful places in our country. In almost every hostel you have the possibility to reserve a bike and set off for yourself.

Ready to roll? Jump straight to our Safe Cycling Tips.

On the saddle, to the sea

Hop on your bike and discover how beautiful the Netherlands is. Cycle through the most beautiful nature reserves, through the dunes or explore the nicest cities by bike. From the hostels you have plenty of options!

No plan yet? No problem, just ask at reception and we'll be happy to help you on your way to explore the area.

After a beautiful day of cycling you can have a nice drink in the bar or join us for dinner (ask about the possibilities in the hostel).

Sustainable bikes

Stayokay has been working with FixieBrothers for a number of years. This bicycle factory reuses original parts in order to deliver new and usable bicycles. They were able to save about 94% of the original parts!

We are of course only too happy to work with these heroes. The cycling brothers currently provide about 1,000 bicycles for our hostel organisation. This keeps your Stayokay holiday running smoothly!

19 cycling locations

You can rent a bicycle at almost all our locations (apart from Amsterdam Stads­doelen, where you're still able to park your own). We even have different types and sizes, and can also arrange child seats upon request. We'll ensure that your bicycle is always in perfect condition upon delivery.

Are you coming with your own bike? Then send an email to the hostel to ask about parking options.

10 Safe Cycling Tips

Do you want to explore the city like a real local? Go for it! Cycling is fun, efficient, easy and safe. Motorists here know how to make room for cyclists, so they will take you into account... most of the time. We've created these 10 simple rules for you to follow. Follow all 10 and you should be fine. Happy cycling!

1. Don't act like the Dutchies

You'd think the locals would set a perfect example for city cycling, right? Think again. A lot of Dutchies don't give right of way, they jump red lights and cycle in pedestrian areas. But let's face it: their behaviour is based on years and years of cycling experience.

2. Use the cycle lane on the right-hand side of the road

You can recognise a cycle lane ('fietspad') by its reddish colour, white lines, and bike symbols. They were specially made for cyclists, which means the footpaths, shopping streets, pave­ments, and motorways are not. It's as easy as that! You can also tell a bicycle lane by these signs:

3. Always give right of way

Give way to all traffic approaching from the right, unless otherwise indicated. Traffic from your left-hand side should give you right of way, but it doesn't always happen like that. Don't put on that party hat too quickly: never take right of way for granted!

4. Indicate where you're going

You should always indicate before changing direction. If you want to turn a corner, first look behind you, then stick out your arm, pointing in the direction you want to go. Is it busy? Getting off your bike and walking across the road might be the best (read: safest) plan.

5. Turn on your light

It's a good idea to check your headlight and taillight after dark. This way cars, taxis, trams, and buses will be able to see you, and no-one gets hurt. Not only that, but if you're caught riding at night without them you can end up with hefty fine, and nobody wants that.

6. Always lock your bike

You don't want to go home without a bike. So never ever ever leave your bike unlocked. And please make sure you lock it to something unmovable, like a tree, lamppost, or bike rack.

7. Check where you park

Be careful where you park your bike... If you park in the wrong spot (usually marked with this sign) you can get fined, or even worse, there's a chance your bike will be towed. If this happens to a rented bike, you will get charged a re-collection fee.

8. Don't drink and drive

Yes, this also applies to cycling!

9. Flat tire?

Head to the nearest bike shop ('fietsenmaker') or simply ask someone for a bicycle pump ('fietspomp'). Most locals have one. If you're already close by, just walk your bike back to the hostel. We'll be happy to fix it for you. Whatever you do, always bring your bike back, and don't leave it downtown.

10. Enjoy the ride!

Time to hop on that bike and explore the area. Enjoy the ride!

The best cycling routes in the Netherlands

Cycling holiday? Yes please! The Netherlands has hundreds of beautiful cycling routes along the most special places. Places you may never discover otherwise.

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